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Welcome and thank you for visiting Patient Education Systems, the leading provider of interactive health care information at the point of care.   Patients learn about the latest advances in health care in the privacy of the exam room while waiting to see their physician.

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Our patent pending Digital Media Platform was designed by physicians to enhance their patients’ time while they are waiting to see their provider. This first-of-its-kind technology delivers benefits across the continuum of care providing an improved patient experience, increased physician productivity, increased revenues, while reducing costs. Play Video Watch Video

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Getting your product or service in front of the right patient at the right time is critical in today’s competitive market.   Patient Education Systems is the first and only company that directly matches a patient and their specific needs to our sponsors products and services.  Nowhere else in health care today is there a more targeted and effective form of advertising. Play Video Watch Video

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Patient Education Systems will help you improve patient satisfaction in your practice. This program will enhance the time and improve communications with your patients.  Your practice will be more efficient, with greater revenues, while giving your patients a better overall experience as a result. Play Video Watch Video

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