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Company Overview

Patient Education Systems helps physicians provide a more informative and educational experience for their patients at the point of care.

Our patent pending Digital Media Platform was designed by physicians to enhance their patients’ experience while they are waiting to see their provider.  Rather than reading a magazine while waiting in an exam room, patients interact with our educational program and learn about the latest innovations in health care.   Through a friendly and easy to use interface, our interactive program displays high definition educational videos based on the individual needs of each patient ensuring a meaningful learning experience in the privacy of the exam room.

By asking questions and gathering patient responses, Patient Education Systems is able to determine the most relevant educational videos to display for each patient.  We match the appropriate informational content to each patient’s specific needs.   This facilitates a compelling and very private exchange of health care information with a patient so they can learn while they wait.

Patient Education Systems delivers benefits across the continuum of health care including:

    •    An improved patient experience facilitating better care
    •    Increased physician productivity and revenues
    •    Reduced advertising costs
    •    Increased product revenues

Our interactive and patent pending platform is the first of its kind being implemented in physician exam rooms across the country.