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  • I think more doctors should take advantage of this. It gives patients more information than pamphlets because a person can see the procedures instead of just reading about them. I really like it when doctors take advantage of technology.
  • I just thought it was very easy to view and very educational – a simple step by step process!
  • I enjoyed the educational information & it was a nice distraction while waiting for the doctor!
  • A good tool to help educate people on topics related & helpful to them.
  • We thought this tool was awesome! It gives you useful information while you wait to be treated, we hope to see more at our next visit.
  • Very Innovative.  Loved it.
  • I believe the system is great.  You can always be more informed and spread the word to people who may benefit.
  • Great system.  Wish every doctor had this tool!
  • I thought the system was great, easy to use, informative and interesting to watch.
  • Very interested in future informational videos.
  • I thought it was a great tool versus a pamphlet because I'm a very visual person.
  • Very user friendly, very convenient and makes waiting for the doctor not so bad.
  • Nice to have educational info while waiting to see my doctor.